Have you ever gotten so carried away by a story that you really felt like you were a character in that story? How does that happen? Is that dangerous? What does that tell us about the human mind?

In this talk we’ll be taking a look at the human brain to answer those questions and more, starting from the brain’s basic components and building our way up through the mind, touching on perception and attention and hallucination and imagination as we explore what it means to be human and how we can harness the power of the art we love to become who we want to be.

The presenter, Max Jackson, is the Lead Data Analyst at Hesperos, a Body-On-A-Chip company. He works to build new brains on computer chips to help fix our old brains when they break. He also builds apps with Code Hangar, a full stack web-app company that builds delightful apps for disruptive startups.

The presentation was part of a special Nerd Nite event held in St. Petersburg, Florida. The teams from Nerd Nite Orlando and Miami organized the event.

This presentation is from Nerd Nite New York Orlando.