American Television can be a psychological power tool, processing the country’s collective unconscious. Throughout the 1980s, a batch of detective shows helped viewers deal with their complicated feelings about the Vietnam War (and its aftermath.) Crime shows concerning kidnappings and jewel heists would include episodes about distrusting authority and Rambo-style wish-fulfillment. Audiences experienced TV therapy through shows like THE A-TEAM, MAGNUM PI, MIAMI VICE, SIMON & SIMON and THE EQUALIZER.

The presenter, Kevin Maher, is an award-winning poet, a former masked-wrestler and a filmmaker whose work has screened everywhere from MoMA to Troma. He hosted AMC’s The Sci-Fi Department and currently produces Kevin Geeks Out, a live video variety show. He’s vowed to use his knowledge of trivia for good, never evil. Contact Kevin or follow his work at