Kidneys are a vital organ for filtering out all the toxins you put in every Nerd Nite (and every other day of the year). Most people assume they have two kidneys and they work well, however less than 10% of people with chronic kidney disease are aware they have the condition and currently one in three Australians are at an increased risk of developing kidney issues. In celebration of 5 years since receiving a kidney transplant, the speaker, Danny Ussher, will expound on how your kidneys work and the pathways of renal replacement therapy when they no longer work. He’ll regale you with his experiences and collected anecdotes of the good, the bad and the shit of living beyond death on other people’s spare parts. Be aware he will talk about your urine a lot so take advantage of the break prior.

Danny is a teacher of English to speakers of other languages. He was living overseas but came back to Australia to help a friend open a restaurant. That’s when a kidney test led to a diagnosis of End Stage Renal Failure. Months of poking and prodding couldn’t solve the conundrums of what was wrong, nor how he was still functioning normally, so a new kidney was the best option. Danny only had to spend eleven months on a dialysis machine 9 hours a night every night waiting for that phone call. August 2014 he got lucky from another family’s tragedy. Post-transplant recovery has been long and arduous, but last year he started to run, completing his first half marathon then the full Melbourne Marathon twelve weeks later. As well as continuing to teach English and run beyond what is put in front of him, Danny loves to share his story to encourage people to celebrate life, look after their kidneys and become organ donors. Danny is also a TESOL specialist with Confident English. Watch his lessons here: