The presenter, Seth Porges, attempts to run through 20 stories of unexpected geniuses and inventors while a timer counts down 20 minutes. Can he make it to the end of his talk before the timer runs out? Will he get yanked off the stage by the merciless Nerd Nite New York Boss for running over the time limit?

Seth Porges is a journalist, filmmaker, and television presenter. He regularly appears on the Travel, Science, Discovery, History, and Nat Geo channels and has contributed to dozens of publications, including InStyle, Forbes, Fast Company, Departures, Men’s Journal, Wired, and Mashable. Previously, he worked as editor at Maxim and Popular Mechanics magazines. He holds the world record for the most Nerd Nite talks ever given.

Seth did another awesome Nerd Nite presentation – The Polyvagal Theory: The New Science of Safety and Trauma. See it here:

This presentation is from Nerd Nite New York City.