As you probably know by now, our debut book comes out on February 20, 2024 and we’re sooo excited! To help celebrate the book, we’ll have a few special Nerd Nites around the United States that will feature a local indie bookseller on-site at our shows as well as some of the authors and editors on-hand to talk and sign. Ye olde tour for How to Win Friends and Influence Fungi: Collected Quirks of Science, Tech, Engineering, and Math from Nerd Nite:

February 17, 2024: NYC (Nerd Nite NYC at Littlefield) Book Launch & 21st Birthday Party!  
February 17, 2024: Washington DC (Nerd Nite DC at DC9)
February 20, 2024: Los Angeles (Nerd Nite LA at Brewyard)
February 21, 2024: San Francisco (Nerd Nite SF at Rickshaw Stop)
February 23, 2024: Denver (Nerd Nite Denver at the Bug Theatre)
February 24, 2024: Denver (in-store at Tattered Cover Bookstore on Colfax Ave)
February 29, 2024: Austin (Nerd Nite Austin at Barrel O’Fun in Alamo Drafthouse Mueller)
March 2, 2024: Seattle (Emerald City Comic Con). Need ticket for the con to attend panel.
March 7, 2024: Winston-Salem (in-store at Bookmarks)
March 9, 2024: Miami (Nerd Nite Miami in-store at Books & Books Coral Gables)
May 18, 2024: Gaithersburg (Maryland) Book Festival

How to Win Friends and Influence Fungi feels like the science book we never knew we wrote! It’s fun, accessible, and packed full of the kinds of factoids and knowledge that we love to share on our own podcast. Message to all the schools everywhere – get this on your shelves immediately!”
-Charles W. “Chuck” Bryant and Josh Clark – Stuff You Should Know podcast

“Playful yet enlightening, this entertains. Rollicking collection.”
Publishers Weekly

“In How to Win Friends and Influence Fungi, I have found my new holy bible”
Scientific American

“As I can testify from personal experience, Nerd Nite is one of the greatest achievements of the human species.”
-Michael Caruso, CEO and Publisher, The New Republic

“A sheer delight. Will I now have recurring nightmares of spiny maggots gently prying dead skin from my feet? Maybe. But my waking self now knows this is a GOOD thing. Bravo Avir and company! And bravo maggots!”
-Jad Abumrad Founder and Former Co-Host, NPR’s Radiolab

“What a gift to have all of Nerd Nite’s greatest hits collected in one place! How to Win Friends and Influence Fungi is the most fun I’ve had with a popular science book in a long time. There’s a 100% chance that this book will blow your mind and make you laugh, but there’s also the distinct possibility that you’ll learn something life-changing — or at least how to get rid of that hangover.”
-Erin Barker, Executive Director and Co-Founder, Story Collider