Nerd Nite 2010 comes bearing trivia!

Yes, after lying dormant since the summer, join us for Nerd Nite Quizo at 7pm on Friday January 15 and then stick around for regular Nerd Nite starting at 8:15pm with a line-up that might even rival the amazing December lectures.  This month we have the ins-and-outs of the world’s first open-source nuclear reactor, Art and Neuroscience (complete with everyone’s favorite optical illusions), and a follow-up presentation about sexual robotics. Hee!  Oh, and did I mention that there’ll be a lot of prizes for you trivia players?  So assemble a team now!

Tickets for Quizo and Nerd Nite on Friday January 15 at 7pm ($13):

Tickets for Nerd Nite Only on Friday January 15 at 8:15pm ($10):

Nerd Nite NYC
Galapagos Art Space DUMBO
16 Main Street in DUMBO Brooklyn (F train to York St. or A/C train to High St.)
Friday January 15, 2009 at 7pm (Quizo) and 8:15pm (regular Nerd Nite)

Back to the lectures at hand:
*Presentation 1
Fusing the Atom and Living to Tell
by Famulus

Description: We have built an open source nuclear fusion reactor and fused the atom. This is the story of a remarkable fusion device called the Farnsworth Fusor and its successor, the Bussard Reactor (aka. Polywell). The Bussard Reactor holds the promise of clean cheap abundant energy from fusion. This is a story of research on the edge.

Bio: Famulus is an entrepreneur, hacker, and rails developer. In 2008 he learned of the Bussard fusion reactor and left the software world to try and build a working Bussard Reactor.

*Presentation #2
Eyeballs: A User’s Manual for the Artistically Inclined
by Lauren Sefton

Description: Seeing stuff is complicated.  In this step-by-step approach, we’ll use pictures to understand how your eyes and brain fit together, why optical illusions look so trippy, and how drilling a hole in just the right spot on your brain could make you an artistic genius. Join the generations of artists and scientists who’ve shaken their fists at the heavens while attempting to understand the marvelous complexities of human vision.

Bio: Lauren is a medical student and an aspiring neurologist.  She once spent 2 hours looking at a Rothko painting and later claimed that she “got it.”

Presentation #3
Sexual Robotics II: The Singularity and Sperm Bots – The Future of Sex and Technology
by Laura G. Duncan

Description: Bringing sex robots to Nerd Nite for the second time, this sequel will explore how sexuality and technology are primed to become even more intimately connected in the coming decade. From computer-interfaced sex toys to sperm-powered nanobots, our sexual future often seems like something out of speculative fiction. Even so, examples like user-generated pornography and open source sexual robotics projects are already flourishing and providing some with channels to personally influence the changing nature of sex tech. Using cases from science fiction, the medical sciences and actual sexual robotics projects, we’ll explore the future of sex and technology, and its implications for social and individual assumptions about human sexuality.

Bio: Laura G. Duncan recently graduated from NYU-Gallatin with a degree in Medical Anthropology and Human Sexuality Studies. She has worked as a sexuality educator at various sites, in addition to her current job in clinical breast cancer research. Her research deals with issues of sexuality within medical education and primary care, focusing on health literacy and accessibility among underserved populations.