Dearest Nerds & Friends of Nerds,

Godzilla, Korean Pop Music, and the Harp. And gay speed dating! Yes, welcome to Nerd Nite being all laid-back, summertime style.

We’re going to take August off in order to plan the new fun fall season of Nerd Nite which will begin in September 18th with the second annual Nerd Nite Nerdtacular. So before you head for your summer vacation, you should come by in July because otherwise you’ll miss us terribly. Sigh.

As they say in Boston, “Nerd Nite is like the Discovery Channel with beer.”

Nerd Nite NYC
Galapagos Art Space DUMBO
16 Main Street in DUMBO Brooklyn (F train to York St. or A/C train to High St.)
Friday July 10, 2009
Gay Speed Dating at 7:00pm (get there at 6:30 to check in)
Regular Nerd Nite at 9:00pm
$25 for Speed Dating (includes admission to regular Nerd Nite)
$7 cover charge for regular Nerd Nite only (brand new!)

Back To The Lecture(s) At-Hand:

*Presentation #1
Godzilla: History, Biology and Behavior of Hyper-Evolved Theropod Kaiju
by Shyaporn Theerakulstit

Description: Tsunami, earthquake, hurricane and typhoon all rolled in one, Godzilla, “King of the Monsters,” has both plagued and benefited humanity for over half a century. By examining the origins and zoology of this force of nature, people and nations will be better equipped to deal with the awesome destructive power of our radioactive visitor from the Cretaceous.

Bio: Shyaporn Theerakulstit is an actor, writer, director and D-List YouTuber, where he posts videos about drug addicted Easter bunnies, unemployed Superfriends and flying kittens. You can see examples of his internet hackery at

*Presentation #2
The Harp
by Mia Theodoratus

Description: How a pedal harp works or how an Archaic Obsolete instrument survives in a world obsessed with new technology and innovation.

Bio: Mia Theodoratus plays harp with the group Adam & Mia, TV on the Radio, Hannuman Sextet, Fischer/Spooner, Leona Naess, Flight of the Conchords and the show Dueling Harps with Ann Magnuson. She loves composing for silly performance art pieces and does a damn fine soundscapes at places like Dietch Art Gallery in SoHo.

*Presentation #3:
From Seo Taji to Wonder Girls: Video Intro to Korean Pop Music (and why
even Perez Hilton is a Fan)
by Avatar Koo

Description: Ever watched Stephen Colbert’s “Singing’ in Korean”? Or read Perez Hilton gushing about Wonder Girls? In 1992, Seo Taji burst onto the K-Pop scene, changing it irrevocably. In the 17 years since, Korean pop acts have been a pan-Asian sensation, with cross-over plans for America. This video primer will not only get you up to speed on the biggest names and biggest hits, but will examine the sociological background of why this became so popular as well as look at the evolution and increased sophistication of the genre’s artists, producers, and engineers.

Bio: Avatar Koo loves karaoke, lipgloss, and bacon. She kvetches constantly on Twitter, and writes smart-but-smutty stories on